District 16 Speakers Bureau

The District 16 Speakers Bureau was established as a voluntary organization to serve businesses, civic organizations, churches and the educational community. The Bureau is comprised of several multi-talented Toastmasters who have attained advanced levels of speaking and leadership skills.

Their primary focus is to present a variety of interesting, fun and educational presentations that can be tailored to the needs of your audience and vary from approximately 20-40 minutes.

Types of speeches? Motivational, inspirational, humorous, historical, technical. Speeches that address concerns of the elderly, stress, change, financial strategies, storytelling, etc. Also available are several experienced “Meeting Facilitators” “Emcees” or “Keynote Speakers” for your next business or dinner meeting. Following are short biographies and sample presentations of these outstanding speakers.

For more information about the Bureau and/or the speakers, contact the speakers directly or District 16 Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

Send a message to: Dr. Ernie Raynor