Robert Adams


Joined Toastmasters to develop Public Speaking and Leadership Skills. Developed skills to direct meetings, hold team members accountable, and gain collaboration across multiple backgrounds.  Built successful Toastmaster Officer teams to delegate authority as needed.  Led club officers to become experts in their area of service, i.e. Sargent at Arms, Educational Vice-President, Vice-President of membership. I have mentored numerous new Toastmasters to ensure they developed  the skills needed to successfully speak and lead in public


Sometime You Learn By Watching 10 -12 minutes. Have you ever noticed people in large shopping areas or at the airport? This speech will help you learn about human behavior without ever stepping into a college level class.  You will think of large shopping areas and airports in different way after hearing this speech.

Education Is Great, But Life Experience Is The Best Educator  10-12 minutes.  Regardless of your education level, your knowledge of complex theories or the letters after your name, no one cares... until they know how much you care....about them.  Sometime life throws a curveball and you get hit, knocked down, and possibly your pride is hurt. What do you learn from that experience? What can you teach from that experience? Education is a lifelong process, many miles beyond books and classrooms. What kind of curveballs have you endured? Did you swerve and miss it or did it knock you out? Get up and get going....or get ran over!




Toastmasters Awards

  •  June 2019 -Distinguished Toastmaster
  • June 2019 - Advanced Communicator Gold
  • March  2019 - Advanced Leader Silver
  • March 2019 - Advanced Communicator Silver
  • August 2018 - Leadership Excellence
  • August 2017 - Advanced Leader Bronze
  • April 2017 - Competent Communicator
  • July 2011 - Competent Leader
  • January 2004 - Advanced Communicator Bronze
  • November 2002 - Competent Toastmaster

TM Leadership Experience

  • Club President  - 3 separate terms
  • Club Treasure
  • Vice President - Membership
  • Club Secretary
  • Sargent at Arms
  • Area Governor
  • Club Mentor
  • Pathways Guide


Robert Adams