Ray Willis, MBA, DTM


Ray D. Willis, MBA, DTM, is a highly versatile, innovative management professional emphasizing innovation and creativity in solving complex problems.

Skilled at seeing the “big picture” while also focusing on the details. Expertise in business development and streamlining processes and systems. Successful, well-developed Servant Leadership style using effective Advanced Social and Casework Supervisor skills help to build effective, loyal, long-term relationships. Director of Technical Computer Education at the Cowley College and Adjunct instructor at multiple Universities.

Highly functional in academic, technical, and military environments. Ability to focus stakeholders using exceptional listening and negotiation skills to resolve complex multidimensional inter-dependent issues in win-win solutions.

Ray completed an MBA and 64 hours in Ph.D. Study of Organization Leadership prior to Joining Toastmasters in 2015 to practice communication as leadership skills, as a Servant Leader. His desire to help more people led him to serve as, Sergeant-at-Arms, President, Pathways Guide, and Division A Director, Youth Leadership Coordinator, Club Coach, Traditional DTM, and District 16, Toastmaster of the year 2017-2018. I have completed 4 Pathways paths, certified as Pathways Mentor. Pathways DTM Completed, April 9th, 2019. How can I help you today? Pathways?

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Ray Willis, MBA, DTM