Louanne Marshall

Current D16 Office: Program Quality Director


I am so excited to be a part of Toastmasters and the leadership team in District 16. I joined Toastmasters when I realized all the potential that is available through the support of the members and the monthly meetings. I have learned so much from fellow Toastmasters and continue to learn with each encounter. So many have jumped in to help me as I set goals and strive to become a stronger leader and better communicator.

My first district leadership opportunity came in July 2017 when I became Area A3 Director. That year was an incredible time of growth. After reading through the handbook for Area Directors, I decided I would pursue President's Distinguished for my area. In the process of accomplishing this goal, I was awarded Area Director of the Year 2017-2018. 

I followed that exciting year as Division A Director. My goal was for the four Area A Director's to reach their goals. In pursuing that goal, Division A made President's Distinguished. I experienced the value of working toward the success of others. 

Now, as Club Growth Director, I am excited to encourage and promote all that Toastmasters has to offer to our community through helping others who want to be challenged and desire to learn and grow in their ability to communicate and lead well.


  • The Three C's
  • A Day in Mexico
  • I Said Yes!

Toastmasters Awards

DTM July 2018

Leadership Excellence (HPL) December 2017, August 2018, and November 2018

CL August 2018

CC June 2019

VC1, VC2 June 2019

TM Leadership Experience

Uptown Toastmasters: 2017 VPE, 2018 President, 2019 Treasurer

OKC P.R.O.S.: 2019 VPPR

Area A3 Director 2017-2018

Division A Director 2018-2019

Noon Express Club Coach, Select Distinguished 2017-2018

Youth Leadership 2018-2019 - Santa Fe South High School - 200 students

Club Sponsor - Toast of Chickasha - 2018

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Louanne Marshall