Jayna Coppedge



Although I was never afraid of talking, I credit my 10th-grade typing teacher for first developing my speaking talent. After two weeks, he came to me and said: " I know you are trying really hard in my class. I know you are a good student, but you are never going to be able to pass typing.  I talked with your counselor, and  you can take speech, or art instead if you want." That 1976 schedule change, gave me the confidence to deliver a graduation speech at the Lubbock Texas Civic Center in front of thousands of people.

In 1990 I became the Children’s Minister for First Baptist Tahlequah.  Although my responsibilities  varied over the next 24 years, my heart’s desire was to empower people to be all that God had uniquely created them to be. I loved training volunteers, teaching children, counseling with parents,  organizing Vacation Bible School for 200 children, and writing curriculum for LifeWay.

Since I retired in October 2014, I wrote two books: "Parenting with the End in Mind," and "Discovering God Through the Lives of Elijah and Elisha."  My love for speaking and teaching has taken me to the Middle East several times, Canada, South Carolina, and numerous venues in Oklahoma. Wanting to be a better speaker and to find more speaking opportunities, I joined Toastmaster in the fall of 2017.




Hope for the Turpin Children
Bless Her Heart
The Float Trip
Learn from Your Brothers' Mistakes
The Desires of My Heart
Toastmasters Develops Mindfulness
The Power of Images
The Power of Being Precise
How to Tell a Story to Children
How to Form a Habit
Become an Anti-Procrastinator
Decide Now to Pass Life's Test with Peace and Joy
Great Leaders Know Their Followers
What Determines Your Value

Toastmasters Awards

1st place Table Topics Division T 2018

2nd place Humorous Division T 2018

Competent Communication 2019

Innovative Planning Pathways Level 2 2018

TM Leadership Experience

Club President Northeastern Speakers 2018, 2019

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Jayna Coppedge