Charles Redmon

Current D16 Office: Secretary for Conoma #454


Charles Redmon is a motivational speaker, writer, and storyteller.  He has worked in retail, service, and laboratory environments.  He's translated and interpreted back and forth between engineers, salespeople, business owners, and normal people.  Since joining Toastmasters in 2011, he's spoken on a variety of topics, such as personal development, technology, values, and depression in both secular and non-secular settings.


Anatomy of a Computer:  Not every consumer knows what they're buying.  In this speech, Charles gives a simple, no-nonsense explanation of the parts of a computer.  This presentation is tailored specifically for people who are more "technologically challenged."  The goal of this speech is to empower consumers and enable them to make more informed purchasing decisions without needing a degree in engineering.

The Price of Wisdom:  Intelligence has been researched to death.  There are estimations and projections of investment costs into intelligence down to a dollar value.  Yet, wisdom remains elusive and undefinable.  In this presentation, Charles takes a deep dive into the nebulous concepts of wisdom, and shows what the path is like on the road to wisdom.  Spoiler Alert:  It's difficult to obtain, and has many subtle costs that cannot be measured in monetary value.

Icing on the Cake:  Delayed gratification is hard!  Getting into shape, getting an education, getting into heaven, none of these things are easy feats.  Yet, focusing on the final reward disregards the journey.  In this presentation, Charles expands on the value of work, itself.  After all, there's more to a cake than frosting.

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Charles Redmon