Candidate’s Corner

District Director Nominee
Kathleen O’Toole
Kathleen O'TooleI am Kathleen O’Toole, a nominated candidate for District Director. Members are the key to a successful district. All of our members have hidden skills and talents. We will tap into those skills and lead the membership with clear communication and direction. Our focus will be on supporting the district mission and building strong teams. As District Director, I will bring over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, problem-solving, negotiation, and communication skills to the position. It would be my honor to serve as your 2020-2021 District Director.

Program Quality Director Nominee
Louanne Marshall
As a leader, my heart is to serve…to serve people—YOU. My passion is to help others to believe for more, dream BIG, and continue to grow toward those dreams. Education is the focus of the Program Quality Director, and I believe, through various educational platforms, our district will meet the needs of all individual members, all the while building strong, successful clubs. My goal is to put my time and energy into this coming Toastmaster year. Would you give me that opportunity? Please vote for me, Louanne Marshall, for 2020-2021 Program Quality Director.


Club Growth Director Nominee
Michael Kirkland
I am Michael Kirkland and in Toastmaster for 8 years. I am running for Club Growth Director because I want to make a difference and help the members and District become better. Help me to make District 16 to become stronger and better. My vision is have all members become more active, to work together and focus on better member retention: Let work together in retaining current members, recruiting new and former members, and developing partners with companies and interest groups to form new clubs. Vote for Mike Kirkland as your District Club Growth Director.

Club Growth Director Nominee
Praveen Nagarajan
I have been with Toastmasters since 2017. Toastmasters has changed my life. It helped me rise back from adversity and focus on achievements. I have been giving back to Toastmasters by serving in every leadership opportunity. When taking on the role of the Club Growth Director 2020 – 2021, I will work on the District’s mission, to build new clubs and support all clubs to achieve excellence. I will be a good ambassador and custodian of District 16. I humbly request for your vote to be your Club Growth Director during our District 16 virtual business meeting on May 2, 2020.

Club Growth Director Floor Candidate
Chandra Nandikolla
I strongly believe Toastmasters Education is the platform that makes it possible to defeat all barriers. I gained invaluable experience as being Toastmaster in the last 9 years and has provided a great platform to thrive in all aspects of life. I’ve been leading by following the core values of Toastmasters International, Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence. I’m a highly genuine person with strong ethics. I drive by example and who loves to help others. I want to share my knowledge and bring excellence to members and clubs. I have got a passion, education, and energy to serve District 16.

Division A Director Nominee
Theodore L Ross

Division C Director Nominee
Sonya Blackwell

I’ve been with Let’s Talk for 15yrs. I’ve held several officer positions. I was the Area 3 Director for 2017-2018. I’m a Lifeforming Growth Coach, a youth leader and BSF women’s leader. I have 14 yrs. experience in the Oil and Gas industry. But what really defines me is my compassion for people and their needs. What makes a great leader is not dictating orders to others, but listening, encouraging and walking along side to elevate their leadership potential. We work better together considering the respect of others. I ask you to VOTE for Sonya Blackwell.


Division K Director Nominee
Eric Solomon

I have served two consecutive terms as Vice President of Education and Club President. Additionally, I served as a Pathways Guide during the District 16 rollout of the new Pathways program. Those experiences have enabled me to empower members to offer their ideas, energy and passion through inclusiveness. As Division K Director, I want to continue inspiring all members in the same way I have been inspired. Working together, we can, and we will continue to empower clubs in achieving excellence. I ask you to vote for Eric Solomon for the position of 2020-2021 Division K Director.

Division O Director Nominee
Kimberlee Flannigan-Vick

My name is Kimberlee J. Flannigan Vick, the 2020-2021 Division O Director Nominee. I have been a proud member of Toastmasters International for 5-years. I have been a member of several clubs. With the assistance of fellow Toastmasters, I am the Sponsor of Roaring Legacy Toastmasters (2017). I desire to become Division O Director because I want to work with the Area Directors to support Division O Clubs.  Integrity, respect, service, and excellence are my personal mantras. For more information, see the nomination page. Most importantly, I would appreciate your vote for the position of the 2020-2021 Division O Director.

Division T Director Nominee
Lisa DeSpain, DTM

I started my Toastmasters journey in 2012. My dad was a Toastmaster, so I was familiar with the organization. (He spoke as if he had achieved DTM, but he had gone as far as CC.) When I started, I didn’t think I was qualified to be club secretary, but since then I’ve served in almost every club officer role and have been an Area Director twice. My friends in Toastmasters have given me so much, and it’s time to give back. Please vote for Lisa DeSpain for 2020-2021 Division T Director.

Division U Director Nominee
Vijay Luvian